Here’s  our newest release for the upcoming album.  It will be a sea journey and there will be a pirate named Pete, a walrus named Jonas and a merman named Jim.  We know you can’t wait



And of course, our first full-length release, We’re a Club in the Woods


Thanks and accolades: the mule (m. tubbs), the jack rabbit (a. kant), the skunk (j. gaunt), the bearded lady (c. martin), the butterflies (l. and r. phoenix), the wolf (a.m. amish), the hawk (j. nicholson), the albatross (g. king), the bear cubs (a. and z. amish), the lion cubs (e. lord, l. asch, r. phoenix), the panda (a. difranco), and all the grasshoppers, the ants, the goats, the honey badgers, the foxes, the cobras, the scorpions, the hippos, the turtles, the buffaloes, and ever other member of the animal kindgom that may have been missed, but not forgotten.

produced in an excruciatingly ridiculous series of Tuesday nights with the ever-patient mule at earache studios in micanopy, fl. and mastered at skylab studios by the albatross.

all songs copyright 2014 bears and lions. all publishing zbotava music and the future jesus (ASCAP).